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Ebay Description Template Based on WordPress

This is an eBay description template for [product ID] based on woocommernce.
You can write your description with multiple sections like below:
Here is an image [[image name]] which name is from your wordpress media.
Here is table show with your attributes listing [[table product_attribute_id]]. here table that we pre-design several table format for customers.
Here is listing show with your attributes or tag ID: [[listing ID::product_attribute_name or TAG::tag_name]]
Here is tab sample that content from your wordpress post [[tab ]] here tab tag name is a tag in which all posts will be contains of this tab with post title as tab title. Tool will provide HTML5 tab CSS separately or combined together.
Bulk handle instructs:
CSV file format: in which you should include all of above dynamic contents like [[title]], [[image name]], [[listing ID]] etc. so that template can import them into template to generate description post.


Tool plugin will create a new post type called eBay Description to manage all ebay listing description.

Tool will create a ebay_description category in which all output will be stored. And meanwhile, tool’s GUI will include below information:
eBay description template will be stored in tool’s template category as a wordpress post. *** Maybe we should create a new custom post type called eBay Description to store template, default table format, image size with position[left,center,right], tab, listing etc. constant content.
Profile: a collection template file in which include eBay description template name, all macros’ resource coming from! and how to output like below.

Profile name
template select option to select template file name
source coming from: CSV or products ?
Each Macro tags’ resource coming from? post? instant? ? attributes? etc.

How to generate this description? what format will be output? (post/csv file) and where to store etc.

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